Thursday, May 28, 2009

99 years in Prison for Mortgage Fraud

Recently, a woman from North Texas was sentenced to 99 years in prison for being involved in a mortgage fraud scheme. Yes you read it right! 99 years in jail. One can rather say life imprisonment. Kandace Yancy Marriott, a 52 year old lady of Gun Barrel City, was found guilty of framing a complicated mortgage fraud that cost taxpayers more than $3 million.

Kandace Yancy Marriott

A Navarro County jury found this Mom guilty of forging signatures of home-owners, supporting loan applications with false documents and incorrectly completing loan applications. Together with Kandance Marriott, her husband Darrell L. Marriott, their daughter Kally Marriot and Kandance's sister, Karen Hayes, were also involved in this major criminal activity. All of the defendants are facing different charges for related criminal conduct.

According to the prosecutor, such fraud scheme was orchestrated at their own company, One Way Home and Land. They targeted mainly low-income people whose loans were guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Due to this reason, the mortgage lenders did not face much financial losses but the tax payers and HUD had to cover up the costs.

The additional number of years in this tough sentence was a consequence of multiple criminal offenses committed by her. Nearly a century in prison, is it too harsh?

On the brighter side, at least from now onwards, one will fear before framing any mortgage fraud scheme, and hopefully this would further reduce the number of occurrences of fraud cases.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Equity Loans for Mobile Homes

A home equity loan is generally referred to as a second mortgage. By the definition, a home equity loan is a kind of loan in which the home equity becomes the collateral. In the following video, you will get to know about home equity loans for mobile homes.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is one of the best options for investments. Particularly at this time of financial crisis, real estate investments can work wonders for future. Though people are apprehensive about investing now, but the good news according to the financial experts, is that the financial condition will improve and stabilize by the end of this year.

One of the smartest wealth building sources is real estate investment. This has been the secret for some of the world's richest people. They made their fortune with investing in real estate. Today, there is availability of a lot of opportunities even for the newbie’s in this field. But before proceeding further, the first and foremost thing for you is to determine your financial goals. Real estate investing is easy but involves a proper planning.

Before investing, you should be aware of where you are investing, the pros and cons associated with such an investment, how you can benefit the maximum out of it, what are the requirements. You can consult agents for all these related information. Also all updates of real estate industry are now available on internet. Together with that, nowadays many seminars are being conducted on real estate investing to provide suggestions and latest tips for the realtors to be successful.

In spite of recent report by various sources of downfall in real estate industry, still it's doing good.

On the whole, it can be an extremely profitable investment. However you need to keep in mind few important things like verifying the seller and his credentials, avoiding negative cash flow, sufficient insurance coverage, etc. All in all you should have a good grip of the entire process. No stone must be left unturned.

So if you are thinking of real estate investment, go for it and make huge fortune. Property is one thing that appreciates with time and real estate gives you the maximum return on your investment.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Credit Repair - Is it important?

Credit repair is hugely important to all of us because a poor credit record can have a dramatic impact on our lives. In fact, there are many car insurance companies that now utilize the consumer's credit rating to determine the amount of the premium they will charge, because statistical evidence has shown that lower the overall credit rating, tends to equate to more insurance claims.

If you want to purchase a new home or take out a bank loan, or perhaps even before you are offered a job, you will have to undergo a credit search, the results of which will then determine if you are "suitable" to be offered a mortgage, a loan or that job.

Credit repair has become big business now because of the amount of errors that are filed on a credit report. It has been estimated that over two thirds of credit reports contain at least one error. These errors will not simply vanish - they need to be proactively corrected. It has been reported that having only one to two errors corrected on a credit report can improve your credit rating by between 50 to 100 points!

How then, would having these errors eradicated, affect you?

Say for example you called your credit card company and asked them if you could have a lower interest rate on your card. Well, chances are they would say yes because you could go elsewhere and negotiate a better deal due to your good credit rating. Why would you choose to pay 30% on your balance when you could re-negotiate to 12%? This same scenario does not only apply to your credit cards, but also to your mortgage, to your car loan, to your bank loans and pretty much any other debts you may have too!

So, if you are thinking about a new credit card, or you want to get a new car on loan, now is the time to assess your credit ratings and do any credit repair that needs doing. It's a process and it will not happen over night. The sooner you do this the better!

This article was contributed by Joseph Archibald who writes for and moderates