Thursday, September 24, 2009

Payday Loan Tips

A payday loan provides an excellent option to help you deal with the late payments and other charges in the time of financial crisis. This is one of the best options for finding quick cash in a hurry. You will see that sometimes certain situations arise when you are in need of money but hesitate to ask any favor from your friends or relatives. These short term payday loans are ideal for such emergency cases.

A number of types of payday loans are available these days. Let me list few of them for your review:

*Online Payday Loan
*No Fax Payday Loan
*Bad Credit Payday Loan
*Instant Payday Loan
*Low Fee Payday Loan
*Military Payday Loan
*24 Hour Payday Loan
*Paperless Payday Loan

You have to decide and choose accordingly the type of loan that will be suitable for you. Just keep in mind few points before applying for payday loans.

  • As there are a number of companies providing payday loans, collect information about the company, for how long has been in this business, about its clients and references before selecting the company.
  • Since they are available instantly do not go for huge amounts as the interest rates are generally very high. It is better to apply for the amount that you require.
  • Do a little bit of market watch so that you do not miss out the option of the lowest rate available for your loan.

Please share your experience and suggestions regarding payday loans, and feel free to add any points that I have missed out here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you striking the right financial chord?

Choosing the best money management software among various available tools can be a mind boggling task. Many a times, we end up choosing the wrong money management tool and realize at the later stage that most of the features, if not all, are left unused. Most money management tools sport a host of features in an attempt to cater to the need of a diverse user base. In addition to this, money management tools can be distinctively different in certain aspects though they might look identical on the surface. Therefore, it is imperative that proper research is done before choosing a money management tool.

Selecting a money management application that is right for you is crucial but to be able to make the right selection you would have to be absolutely sure of what you want. This mini guide is an attempt to help users navigate the labyrinth of money management tools.

Bank account Aggregators: This section of money management tools primarily acts as a single interface to various bank accounts that your may have. People who want to avoid logging into different bank accounts to track their finances and/or get rid of manually adding their income & expense transactions could really benefit from ‘Bank Aggregators’. For people who just want all their bank accounts under a single hood, they should opt for money management tools that offer bank integration. Prominent money management software such as Mint, Wesabe, Yodlee etc. seems to be the right option for them.

All in all, money management tools that offer bank integration can be really effective in today’s fast & busy life. However, applications like these can be limited in scope and may not provide essential features for money management.

Day-to-day manual money management tools: This section of money management caters to the needs of the masses; people who want to manage their expenses incurred on daily basis. They can be students, homemakers or anyone who wants to keep a track of every single penny they spend. While cash expenses will have to be entered manually, such applications also allow users to import bank/credit card statements detailing their income and expenditure.

Money management tools that fall in this category also provide add on features like multi level reporting, budgeting, bill payment alerts, schedulers, recurring transactions, and more. Such applications are quite useful in expense tracking, budgeting and financial planning. A few money management applications that fall in this category are Omnispense, Pennyminder, manageME7 etc.

Comprehensive money management application: This set of money management tools are comprehensive in nature and present a hybrid variety of money management tools mentioned above. In short, they offer the ‘best of both worlds’.

They offer the ease of bank integration and the goodies of manual money management application. So you can not only sync up your bank and import bank statements, you can also run reports and perform advanced budgeting. A good example would be Buxfer.

So if looking for a money management tool or likely to make a switch from the existing one, be sure to know what to you want to get what you want.

Guest post by Saurabh Kanwar

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mortgage Calculator : A Handy Financial tool

If you are going to get a mortgage to buy a home for the first time, the first step is to assess your financial situation. This is a vital point to remember that before taking out a mortgage, you should be able to know where you stand financially so that you do not face any problem paying off the monthly amount. Otherwise the dream of your house will eventually disappear and you will have to walk away from your home sweet home.

A number of free mortgage calculators are available online for your convenience. Using these calculators, you can yourself find out the variation in payments for FHA loans and conventional mortgage loans. Moreover it will be easier for you to decide your right option - 15-year fixed rate mortgage or 30-year fixed year mortgage.

A mortgage calculator is a very handy tool to compare the rates from different mortgage providers. There exist a variety of calculators online which are quite simple to use. You just need to fill in your loan amount, length of term and the interest rate, and then simply hit "calculate mortgage". Entering different rates you can decide for yourself the best option for you that you can afford. Basically you can check the "what if" scenarios - changing the term, loan amount or the rates, you can work out your budget accordingly.

I have listed below some of the common types of mortgage calculators that can be beneficial for you. Just search them online and choose accordingly.

  • Simple monthly mortgage
  • Home affordability
  • Mortgage comparison
  • Mortgage qualification
  • Amortization schedule
  • Mortgage refinancing

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Forex currency trading - a wise investing option

In the past decade, the popularity of forex currency trading has immensely grown and has become one of the common form of investment. The forex currency market is amongst the world's largest financial markets.

As the term 'Forex' is an abbreviation for foreign exchange, likewise forex currency market is a place where different currencies from all over the world are being exchanged. You name any major currency and you will get it, be it US dollars, Pounds, Euros, Rupees or whatever major currencies you are looking for. If you observe you will see that foreign exchange rates does not remain constant, they keep on changing from time to time. Due to this volatility, you have the option of making a lot of money in the forex market with currency trading.

One simple example is the exchange of one currency from other while traveling overseas. Trading in forex is quite straight forward, but you need to know the basics properly to be successful in the market. You should be familiar with certain terminologies for the trading process, like currency pairs, pips, bid price, margin, long and short position and so on. You must be clear with all the related terms before you get started.

Moreover, in the present time, you can easily use Internet to access and carry out trading online. There are a number of free information available for you to educate yourself and use it to its maximum benefit for online trading. Here is an currency converter for your use.