Friday, April 30, 2010

DUI Car Insurance – Necessity of Life

The next big thing near to car insurance in California nowadays is DUI or Driving Under the Influence of alcohol. You had a hangout with your friends late in the night and is full of alcohol. You are riding yourself back to your place in your new limo and suddenly a speeding truck comes your way. Some things do not come your way by information; they may be sudden and occur accidentally. For this fact it is very important for you to safeguard your car with suitable car insurance.

A DUI is a very significant conviction which may end up with time consuming experiences. Thus people who have already experienced such a conviction should look forward for a DUI car insurance. Getting a DUI car insurance is very easy but there are some hindrances which you need to overcome. The very first reason is that you should not have any criminal records because such records make it harder for the approval of the insurance. Your driving records are taken into consideration while applying for the policy. Some companies find it very difficult with the driving records if they are not clear enough. It may put them into the risk of repeated accident events and thus increase the premium rates. Some may even cancel and drop your application.

Thus it will be more safe and good for you if the insurance rates are low. For such an achievement you need to keep your driving records as clean as possible and not involve in any criminal activities like speeding tickets. If you have a plan out with your friends and get into a drinking then it is better for you to get an assigned driver to drive you back safely to your house. It is always better to get DUI car insurance before getting involved in such drunk – driving offense. The companies will also charge you less. Take the help of insurance experts for a proper guide about the policy and also about the legal situations.

You must always need your own car to go to work, shopping or to the doctor’s place. It is an essential commodity to us now and thus it gets mandatory to get DUI car insurance before getting tangled in some legal situations. You get to pay a lower insurance rate and also it gets approved easily. Get the quotes of different companies over the internet and get hold of the best one today. This reminds me of the quote: Prevention is better than Cure.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starting an online business?

In todays time, starting an online business is one of the most common options for money making. Online business can be very productive and profitable if done with proper thinking and due diligence. While going through I found a very useful video on the questions that are important to ask before you start an online business, and I am sharing it with you and hope will be of great help, mostly for them who are thinking of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Please feel free to share you valuable comments and suggestions.

Friday, April 9, 2010

How Reading the Wall Street Journal Helped my Financial Life & Outlook

I have had a Wall Street Journal subscription ever since the first year of business school, when one of our professors instilled in us the prudence of reading the Wall Street Journal every day. The Wall Street Journal is something special for a business manager, investor, stock market and finance guy. It is the last word on how the market is moving, and often, it is also the first word that makes it move. A few words of praise in the Wall Street Journal can hike up the stock price of a company, helping it make millions in a day; one negative sentiment, and a stock can drop many fold and destroy a business. The Wall Street Journal has an immense power on the economy of the US and thereby on the whole world; no other magazine is a kingmaker like the Wall Street Journal.

I realized this power of the Wall Street Journal when I first started investing in the NYSE in a small scale. At that time I was a young and enthusiastic student, still fresh from the classroom, and I used to do a lot of research on companies that I would then invest small amounts of chump change in. Once we had a bet, just between friends, on who could predict the best mover in a day’s trade, just by doing research. So we all did diligent research, and I found a stock that seemed to me to be trading lower than it should, given its potential. I found the stock to be very interesting, and not only did I bet on it, I put in a couple hundred dollars – all my savings – on it.

I lost the bet, because on the day of reckoning, my stock did not move very well compared to some of the more well known regular movers my friends had chosen.

Then, a few days later, the Wall Street Journal came out with a report on that stock. Someone must have noticed what I did, because the report was pretty enthusiastic and recommended an immediate Buy. The next morning, that stock started trading like crazy, and by noontime, I had gained quite a bit of money. At the end of the day, when trading ended, that little stock had skyrocketed into a 200% gain, and I had made my first solid investment. I felt like Warren Buffett on one of his good days, and was forever 'worshipful' of the great WSJ.

That’s the power the Wall Street Journal has on the market. I am sure there were other investors who had found that stock as I had done, and had invested in it, hoping to make money on it. Some of these may have been reporters of lesser journals even, who had probably written good stuff about it. But it took the Wall Street Journal to say something good about it before the market took heed of the stock and gave it a rise.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Don’t Get a Home Loan Until You’ve Raised Your Credit Score

In this day and age, credit has a massive amount of power over how you get to live your life. Your credit rating affects what rate you pay if you buy a car with a note. It also affects whether or not your utilities require you to put down a deposit before they activate. And not only that, but in most cases, a higher credit score is a mandatory part of securing a high paying job. Great credit ranks right up there with your resume and references. But of course, the most obvious benefit of having great credit is being able, not only to buy a home without having to save up enough cash for the purpose, but also to take out an additional loan against the property later on.

A home loan can be a very valuable source of funding for a major project, such as going on to a higher level of schooling. It can also finance the addition of new rooms to the structure, or the building of a garage. A home loan can even be used to purchase (and possibly renovate) a rental property, so as to increase your income and net worth. Over all, when taken in moderation and used responsibly, home loans can be wonderful ways to expand your life… or access emergency cash, if something goes terribly wrong. But of course, like every thing else in your life, it is always best to get a great deal. And equally obviously, having great credit is a major component in proving that you are a low risk to the credit issuer. Here are some great ways to increase your credit score.

The purpose of the credit score (and its attendant system) is to make certain that you are a reasonably low credit risk. And “low credit risk” means “responsible citizen who pays their obligations without being hounded.” If you generally live a responsible life, your credit score will reflect this.

Not every one knows this, but paying your utilities on time actually contributes slightly to having good credit. And while this contribution is very small, it is dwarfed by how much NOT paying your utilities will hurt your credit score. To say nothing of the fact that having a utility turned off could be seriously harmful to your health.

If you have any sorts of loans, pay them. Pay them on time, every month. If you do not pay on your loans, you will be seen as a high default risk. And if you are seen that way, you will only have access to high interest payday loans – which will help your credit score if you pay them properly, but they will cost you greatly.

And do not expect that being perceived by credit issuers as a low risk can be accomplished quickly. A major portion of your credit score is determined by its length. One year is a start. Five years is better. Ten years is when the keys to the kingdom may finally be yours. Do not expect to rush to process, and you will find a GREAT home loan rate.