Thursday, November 26, 2009

Few basic tips to find Great Mortgage Loans

Like many things of the world, all mortgage loans are not similar. It's really a tough ask to figure out and find a great mortgage loan from amongst thousands available online or that you come across from mortgage lenders. Following few basic tips can help you save valuable time together with chance of getting quick approval.

Tip 1:

The foremost step is to do proper research and select an experienced mortgage consultant. If you have an idea about the real estate industry and think of doing it for yourself, you need do a lot of homework so that you know your options and select the most appropriate one. Shop around and compare the various rates from the mortgage lenders.

Tip 2:

Next thing that you need to know is your credit report. This is because of the fact that these loans are issued on the basis of credit score. So before applying for any mortgage loan, make sure you have a current report, without any errors. Check properly for yourself if you have any doubt, as this is one of the most important information provided during the loan application.

Tip 3:

Now is the time to organize your paper work. All the financial documents necessary here like bank statements, tax return, etc. must be kept well organized and you should have copies as well. Sometimes these little things can keep you away from your low mortgage rate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Pennies on the dollar”

It’s what you always hear when the talk turns to debt settlement or debt negotiation. You are usually promised a debt settlement worth “pennies on the dollar.” But, in reality, the truth might be a little more scary and a little more involved. Fraudulent debt settlement companies may not always be what they are cracked up to be, and it’s up to you to understand and notice the difference between the good guys and all the rest.

In the past five years, 21 states have sued 128 debt-relief programs, according to the National Association of Attorneys General. – The Wall Street Journal

It is for this reason, and the fact that many states have varying legislation regarding debt settlement rules, that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is getting involved. With complaints at an all-time high, and consumers in deeper debt than ever, the FTC is hoping to change the rules nationwide to protect the consumer and regulate the debt settlement industry.

The FTC is hoping to require full transparency from debt settlement companies, as well as limiting their ability to charge upfront fees.

Fee structures vary, but a common variant is that the consumer pays about 40% of the fee in the first few months, and the rest within the first year--though the settlements, if successful, may not occur for months or even years beyond that. Fees vary but often range from about 10% to 15% of the consumers' debt. – The Wall Street Journal

While almost every single debt settlement company in existence charges upfront fees for services not even started, there are a few reliable companies out there that have taken their outreach to the next level by charging no upfront fees. The Debt Settlement Program, as well as Your Debt Negotiator are just a few of the ACCORD certified debt settlement companies that charge no upfront fees and are attempting to change debt industry for the better.

As for the FTC wanting debt settlement companies to be more transparent about their settlement practices, The Debt Settlement Program and Your Debt Negotiator are completely honest with clients in regards to time frames, amount of monthly payments, and settlement estimates.

“I was very happy with the services and the ease of the program. You said it would take about three years, and it did. The program was very simple and the process very clear, and the instructions were easy to follow,” said T.B., a debt settlement client. “My assigned representative was extremely helpful. She answered my telephone calls or returned them promptly. She was always available.”

It’s true that debt settlement companies do not work for every client, but that is why The Debt Settlement Program as well as Your Debt Negotiator holds strict requirements for enrolling new consumers. The enrollment process is just the beginning in determining how successful any client will be, and though the debt settlement process takes work and time, with their strict enrollment process these two companies are able to work diligently to get clients out of debt.

So, as for the “pennies on the dollar” promise that many fraudulent debt settlement companies will promise their clients, it’s best to take that with a grain of salt. In following FTC suggestions, making promises upfront is no different than charging upfront fees for services not yet even started. It’s pointless, it’s fraudulent, it’s definitely not transparent, and it hurts not only the consumer who is struggling to get out of debt, but it hurts the entire debt settlement industry as well.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Franchise Business: Right option?

Have you ever thought of becoming your own boss? Then buying a franchise can be an option for you. As more and more companies are rationalizing, millions of people are actually thinking of a second option for them. And amongst them buying a franchise is proving to be quite famous these days.

In a franchise business, you do not have to start your own business from scratch, rather you are given a particular right to distribute or market its products. The odds of success are generally greater with famous companies as compared to the less known or newer ones. There is a wide range of categories available in market today. So be wise enough to select the one that would match your skill and interest, coz even though it's your business, you will have to follow certain rules and regulations.

The popularity of franchising is increasing at a greater pace. One of the reasons being its lower failure rate. Moreover, the security level is higher as compared to small businesses. However, before thinking of wading into this business, you must carefully go through some questions to get a clear picture of it. For example, check some of them below:

* Do you have sufficient money to finance your franchise?
* Are you choosing the right category of the business?
* Are you familiar with the risk involved in it?
* Have you done enough research on your prospect franchiser?
* Do you have the right character for a franchise (a must)?

These are just a few of them, you need to figure out all such questions and then decide how to go about it. I came across an interesting video on buying into a franchise and thought of sharing it here:

Sunday, November 1, 2009

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