Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remortgage - More Mortgage Less Hassle

As we all know, mortgage is a huge financial commitment. We try our level best to have the right mortgage since this loan is of long term nature. However, these loan policies keep on changing day by day, and the mortgage loan which appeared to be perfect some time back, now appears to be expensive and not very effective. So what do we do?

Yes, remortgage is the solution. Remortgage basically means switching your mortgage with a better deal, either with a new lender or with the same lender. The best deal would include those mortgages that offer lower interest rate than the existing one.

Analyze some of the benefits that remortgage could lead to:

  • Reduction of Interest rate: Due to the increasing competition among the lenders, we get an option of getting a loan with reduced interest rate, may be from the existing lender or from some other provider. Remember that in this case all other figures, associated with mortgage, remains the same.
  • To raise money: Suppose you are going through some financial crisis, or you need to pay for some major outgoings like wedding, educational costs or any other similar consequences, then you can go for remortgaging to raise the capital.
  • Consolidation of debts: You can release some of the equity you hold, like credit cards or car loans, when going for remortgaging. However do remember that you are left with very few deals if you have a poor credit score or an adverse credit history.
  • To avoid moving home: It is much more easy and convenient to adjust or add an extension to your existing home, paid by remortgaging, than to move home.

Though remortgaging is comparatively a simpler process, you need to do a lot of homework because still this is a financial agreement. You are advised to compare the wide choice of quotes from different lenders. Also you can find online the various choice of remortgages available which are designed accordingly with different needs.

Research has also shown that when people have remortgaged their home during the mortgage term, they are lot more likely to paying lesser amount on interest. So think wisely and remortgage accordingly to save your money.

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  1. It's true that trying to qualify for a new home mortgage or refinancing can be difficult, but a little research goes a long way in helping you find the best mortgage to fit your needs.