Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Young People lack Health Insurance?

Statistics have shown that the number of uninsured young people are rapidly increasing day by day. In general, young adults in the age group 19-28 years, are the ones who mainly lack health insurance. This is normally the time period when they have aged out of the insurance programs, since the age limit for the state sponsored plans are usually 19, or 23 for full-time student. At this point, some of them pursue higher studies while others opt for some kind of jobs or businesses.

Moreover, when you enter some private workforce, there is hardly any independent insurance coverage plans available, or for which you are eligible. This is the turning point for many individuals. Most people think that this is when they show their invincible attitude of the young, who don't even bother to think about insurance unless and until they are forced to. But it's true for only a certain section of young mass. Studies have shown that when they have an option, almost 70% of new graduates purchase insurance.

Also, Dr.Sara R.Collins, who is a senior program officer at The Commonwealth Fund, have found out that the low-income young individuals are the ones who are acutely facing this problem of health insurance. To qualify for Medicaid, which is the United States health program for eligible individuals and families with low incomes and resources, a single adult can earn no more than $706 a month - which is less than the income of a full-time minimum wage earner.

Young people tend to complain less and believe that their age will protect them. But you never know what is stored for you in future. There is always some risks associated with your life, even if you lead a very simple and steady life. Any chronic and fatal disease or accident will not knock at your door before arriving.

So, all young people around, please go for health insurance. How you take care of yourself now will certainly affect you as you age.

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  1. This is an alarming article with a positive message. We must take it seriously and insure our life and also purchase life insurance for whom we care for. Looking for more information on this......keep it up.