Thursday, April 30, 2009

Do you need Auto Insurance?

The answer is definitely YES. If you want to drive, you must have auto insurance cover for your own financial protection. Purchasing a car is one of the biggest investments in our life. As your home insurance provides protection from natural or unwanted calamities, similarly auto insurance will protect you against the financial loss that you may face due to accidents or any other devastating surprises.

Auto insurance is basically a smart financial planning. It's a safeguard to the investment you have made in buying a car. You may think that you are an excellent driver and will never face an accident, so what's the need? But remember you don't know how many bad drivers are out there on the road. So there always remain some possibilities of accidents while driving. It's always wise to be on the safe side.

Also, in almost every state, there exists a law which requires a driver to carry a certain amount of insurance. This is done to check that you have sufficient money to pay for any damage caused to or by your car.

Not only accidents, there are many more possible scenarios that you may face. For example, damage caused due to weather conditions like hail storm or flood, your car have been stolen or vandalized, and so on. You cannot predict such elements. The financial loss can be tremendous during such times. It becomes really difficult to pay for them if you do not have auto insurance.

So please don't ignore auto insurance, it's one of the vital firewall against economic disaster caused by an accident. There are various types of auto insurances available. Choose the policy that suits best for you, according to your requirements and financial condition.

The "what-ifs" possibilities can be out of your driving life with an auto insurance.


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