Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take action before you fall prey to Credit Card Debt:

Credit card debt is perhaps one of the most common financial problems which people face today. Millions of Americans have fallen prey to immense debt due to credit card debt. The main reason is that many of us are unaware of the concept of credit cards. People treat as if it's some free money and can be spend without any limit. They often tend to forget that it's their own hard earned money that goes for a toss.

Falling into debt is very easy but getting out of debt is an arduous task. So, as it is truly said, prevention is better than cure, take action before you get into credit card debt.

Lesser number of credit cards: The foremost step is to reduce the number of credit cards you use. Using too many cards will tempt you to spend more which will eventually catch up in form of debt. Compare the cards and use the one with least interest rates and best payment terms.

Use cash when affordable: Do not make it a habit to use your credit cards all the time, when you can pay with cash. Try to avoid using the cards for daily expenses like groceries. If you do not want to carry cash around it's better to use a debit card instead of credit card as it is equivalent to direct cash purchase. This will prevent you from unnecessary credit card debt.

Control your finances: The easiest way to avoid credit card debt is perhaps contolling your spending habits. It is always advisable to determine beforehand whether you can afford the item before buying it with your card.

Make your payments on time: If you can follow this rule, you can prevent yourself from falling in this financial trap. If you cannot make the full payment, try not to use the card until the next month till you have made the full payment. Otherwise it will eventually pile up and you will be building up credit card debt.

Implementing these small steps, little by little, will help you avoid the nightmare of credit card debt and improve your financial condition.

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