Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mortgage Revolution - THE Mortgage event of 2009

Mortgage revolution is a revolution by mortgage professionals for mortgage professionals. It will be a 3-day conference and the main aim will be to focus on education through participation and help to raise $250,000 for charity. Unlike the other conferences, Mortgage revolution will be a non profit and free of spam conference and the main purpose is to provide a new breed of leadership to a battered mortgage industry.

The objective behind the event is to educate and inspire originators, irrespective of whether they are new, seasoned, banker or broker. The conference will be held at Cobb Galleria in Atlanta,GA. The following video is a must watch and will help you know what it is all about - THE Mortgage Revolution.

This is particularly for all mortgage professionals: Please come and join the revolution this November,2009. It is your duty and responsibility to protect the profession that you love.

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