Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sacramento, A Great City To Live In

If you are tired of the smog and the crowd of LA and are planning to move somewhere better to raise a family, think Sacramento. Sacramento is one great place to live in, in Cali. If you like warm summers, this is the place to be. Mild winters, hardly any snowfall at all, and the great American River Parkway right there in the midst of 2 million people when you feel like getting out of the city without actually getting out of it.

Sacramento Property Management bureaus will help you find a place, and if you are on the market for an actual buy, make sure to use a good agent because property in Central Sacramento, especially the Land Park area, can be very expensive. You may not be able to afford a decent house for less than a million, and that’s a lot of dough.

If you are not keen on staying in the middle of the city, are ok with a 30 minute commute, and want to live in the midst of brighter people, try Folsom, Loomis, Laguna or Oaksville. These suburbs of Sacramento offer better safer neighborhoods, the schools are nicer, and property is less expensive. You will still have to negotiate office hour traffic on the Highways 50 and 80, so make sure you are fine with that.

Sacramento offers many things that would enhance your living conditions. It is known as one of the most diverse cities in the US, and that means a variety of culinary and cultural attractions. It is also only about 75 miles from the San Francisco Bay Area, which gives you access to the attractions of that city. Being the capital of California, Sacramento has a lot of government job opportunities, besides work in finance, trade, manufacturing and the like. Sacramento has two rivers, the Sacramento and the American, and these offer opportunities for water sports like kayaking, rafting, fishing and canoeing. It is also about an hour’s drive to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where you can do camping, backpacking, and generally enjoy the wild life scene with your family.

However, real estate is pretty expensive in the city, which is probably true for all urban areas of California. The rougher neighborhoods, like the West and the South Sac, are of course, cheaper. But, due to the crime rate and the population demographics, you may not want to live in these places. That lives you with 2 choices, central Sacramento, which can be prohibitively expensive, and the suburbs, which can be prohibitively far from the city. But then, you have probably been through such options before if you have lived anywhere in urban north America. Use a good Sacramento Property Management agent to look for your home, and you will, probably, get a better deal than you could get looking for property by yourself. Although it is advisable to initially research property by yourself, it is easier to close with a recognized agent because that will give you a wider set of options than if you looked for housing yourself.

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