Friday, July 30, 2010

When Should You Go For A Debt Consolidation Program?

A debt consolidation program is normally a plan under which your multiple outstanding loans are paid off in the form of a single loan. It can be an advantageous option for you. However, debt consolidation programs have their downsides as well.

A debt consolidation program can be a useful tool for you in some particular circumstances. When you are paying off a number of loans, your life can become simpler if you combine all your loans into a single loan. Then you just have to make a single monthly payment and receive only a single monthly statement.

Furthermore, you would see that your monthly debt payments would go down because if you enroll into a debt consolidation program, it extends your payments over a prolonged tenure. This indicates that you have to pay a lower amount every month and you would also be able to save some money.

An attractive (and on certain occasions productive) tactic is to implement a debt consolidation program for handling different revolving debts with high interest rates. For instance, you may have multiple outstanding credit card balances carrying high interest rates. Through a debt consolidation program, you can manage those debts and reduce the interest rate or APR (Annual Percentage Rate) which you have been paying. As a whole, credit cards carry higher interest rates and secured loans like home loans bear lesser interest rates.

You should remember that debt consolidation programs can either assist you or harm you. You must be aware that your loan is not relinquished by the program. You are still indebted and ultimately have to repay it.

You should know that extending your payments might lead to higher interest costs. In addition, a home equity loan or line of credit is utilized frequently for consolidating your debts. In case you default, you can lose your home. Credit card providers cannot seize your home. Nevertheless, if you keep your house as security in a debt consolidation plan, then your house is a target of foreclosure.


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