Saturday, September 25, 2010

Benefits and Process of Debt Negotiation

If you are suffering from debt because of personal loans, unsecured credit cards, payday loans, medical bills and you want to reduce your debt amount, then debt negotiation will be the best option for you. Debt negotiation program can help you to reduce your total loan balance.

The benefits

# Debt negotiation can ease your outstanding loan balance that helps you to pay off your debts easily. 

# You will also get a relaxation on the amount of monthly payments as a result of reduced outstanding loan balance.

# It can help you from late payment fees and the over limit charges in case of credit card debt.

# This program will help you getting harassing phone calls from your creditors and the collection agencies. 

The process

# The debt negotiation program starts with a free debt counseling process offered by your debt negotiation company. In this stage the debt counselors observe your current debt situation and find out the suitable debt negotiation program which will suit your needs.

# The company makes a budget plan for you on the basis of which you have to pay off the amount once the negotiation procedure is over. This process is generally for the company by which it can observe that how much it is required to negotiate with your collection agency or your creditors.

# The company fixes the term of the debt negotiation program depending on the amount you can afford monthly to pay off your loans.

# The company creates a account for you which is know as Trust Account. You have to deposit the money instead of paying to multiple creditors.

# The debt negotiation company starts negotiating with your creditors only when near about 50% of your outstanding loan balance gets accumulated in your trust account.

# After a negotiation between your creditors and the company, a reduced negotiated amount will be fixed and that is send to you in writing. You have to accept the letter and then you have to pay a lump sum amount to your creditors from the trust account. Hence, you will be gradually become debt free by paying a lower amount than what you actually to be paid.


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