Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Recession coming to an end?

Is recession coming to and end? Is economy showing an improvement? Has the employment rate recovered? ... These are some of the most common questions that you will hear these days. Recession is generally described as "a period of economic decline". Lets find out some signs which shows that recession is coming to an end.

* From the economists' point of view, the larger percentage is of the opinion that the recession is over, though it will show slow recovery till the persistence of high debt and unemployment rate.

* The second sign comes from the prediction that home prices are expected to rise in 2010 and will be a big factor for the overall economic growth.

* After the scariest drop in the GDP (gross domestic product - a growth forecasting measuring rate), forecasters are expecting a 3 percent gain in the coming year.

* According to the Reuters, inflation wont be an obstacle for the economic recovery.

Lets hope that these signs are correct and the technical predictions become practical in near future.


  1. I'll hope for the best - but not hold my breath just yet!

  2. Awesome thoughts around economy, great cartoon.