Friday, October 30, 2009

Save Spooktacularly this Halloween without saving on Fun:

Halloween day is here again with barely few hours left for the celebrations. 31st October - the fun time of year and is particularly great fun for the kids. You and your kids transform to totally different person by dressing up in fun costumes. Not to mention, a time when American families will have to spend great amount in Halloween candy, costumes, decorations and other things for their little ones.

Most of us are still recovering from our financial crisis, but don't be disheartened, you can still create a fun and enjoyable Halloween. A lot of money can be saved by making decorations and costumes yourself by utilizing the items already present in the closet. This would help you to avoid purchasing expensive outfits, that too only for single use. Also a great idea will be to swap costume with relatives, friends or neighbors.

Let us come to decoration part. There are many items which can be recycled and re-used for decoration purpose. So be smart and pick your choice, and keep them in safe place so that when October comes again next year you can use them again.

Halloween equals lots of candy for kids. And you will not like to disappoint your son or daughter by compromising with candy. Buying in bulk always saves money and you can certainly go for it. If you think that there is too much, you can always split the packets with a friend or neighbor. This will make both, you and your kids happy.

These are only some tips to help you save this Halloween without saving on fun.

Have great fun this Halloween!

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