Thursday, October 28, 2010

IRS Tax Problem - The Problem of Back Tax & Its Solution

It is a good news for the tax payees that the IRS comes with several solutions to help them overcome the tax problems. When it comes to handling the back tax problems, IRS offers three options to get rid of trouble and tension. These options include Installation agreement, Currently Not Collectible Status and Offer in Compromise. Back tax is a serious IRS tax problem and so let us delve into the depth of each solution.

Bankruptcy may be an option to thaw this IRS tax problem but it is generally regarded as the last resort. In case, you have decided to opt for bankruptcy, age and type of the back income taxes should be your prime considerations. Just like the unpaid payroll taxes, assessment of the recent Federal income tax is something that can hardly be discharged.

Offer in compromise, well-known as OIC, is a good choice to jump out of this type of IRS tax problem. This option requires you to disclose your financial secrets and many of the tax payers do not feel comfortable with this facility. Though many pleas for OIC get rejected outright but still you have the chance to appeal to the authority. You can also improve the chance of your success by working under the guidance of the reputed tax professionals. In case, you are determined to go for OIC, the tax payer needs to provide concrete proof in support of his inability to pay the tax dues. The IRS tax problem of a taxpayer becomes complicated in case he has recently sold his property but has failed to pay the taxes. The authority will accept OIC in case all the back income tax returns of the person have been filed.

The taxpayers who are keen to overthrow the IRS tax problem must know that IRS is always by their side to assist them to have some relief. Details of every procedure is provided by IRS and going through them helps you a lot to decide which one is the best for you.

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