Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Usage of Debit Card can Keep Debts at Bay

Our increasing familiarity with all kinds of Debt Relief plans and debt cure solutions like debt consolidation, debt settlement and management etc somewhat is evident of the gravity of the current national and personal indebtedness and monetary crisis. Such circumstances make us more aware of the latent traps of credit card temptations giving way to piles and heaps of credit card debts and outstanding payments. However, there is no denial of the utility and inevitability of credit card usage, especially when someone makes a deal over the phone or the internet, but similarly on the flip side, the debts that it incurs on the holder cannot be overlooked as well. And most of the time it takes a colossal and deadly shape of a giant-size debt. One can easily avoid this complete dilemma by simply avoiding the usage of phone or internet to buy materials, when the same is available minus the shipping and handling costs from a nearby store.

That is why the usage of debit cards can prove to be most effective as it implies no hidden costs or debts and outstanding. You can shop or buy any stuffs without any fear or concern of due payments, which frees you from any extra anxieties of monetary deficiencies apart from making it sure that you are buying within your limits. Easy, harmless and hassle-free a debit card comes with all the convenience and flexibility of a credit card, without incurring any high interest debt.

During a purchase or payment with a debit card, the merchant would run it through a scanner, followed by printing a receipt for the buyer to sign, which means instead of adding up to your outstanding along with higher interest rates, it deducts money from your checking account. You can use the same facility for phone and online purchases as this too comes with an account number and expiration date, but all without any dreads or worries of debts. Debit Cards thus empower you to compare and buy with the best deal with low and convenient price and no debt at all. Moreover the numerous ATM centers make it easier for the debit card users by enabling them to withdraw money anytime.

Contributed by : Arnold Casey

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